13 Damn Fine Cosplay Pics


Dragon Con—one of the biggest nerd shows on the planet—went down earlier this month, and three of the best cosplay photographers around were there to take some incredible shots.

Those photographers were Anna Fischer, Kayhettin and Dave Yang. You can see the best of their pics below.


Oh, and if you recognise (or are) any of the cosplayers pictured, let me know so I can add a credit!

Ciri, by Ladee Danger.

Red Sonja, by Kay Thomas

Skyrim Glass Armor, by Nefeni.

Destiny Vex, by Brittany Doran

By Sid & Christina Garrand

Yuffie, by Stella Chuu

Chun-Li, by Yaya Han.

Commander Shepard, by NYC Assassin.

Cassandra by GillyKins

Destiny, by Gary & Angela Sterley




Flareon: U.P. Cosplay
Shiny Vaporeon: Smash Cosplay
Shiny Umbreon: Sharbuncle
Glaceon: Aspen Cosplay
Jolteon: Hydra
Shiny Jolteon: Ash Sweetring
Eevee: Bindi Smalls
Umbreon: Chinako’s Cosplay
Vaporeon: Stella Chuu
Espeon: Dangrrr Doll
ShinyFlareon: Vanity Fox
Shiny Eevee: Intraventus
Shiny Leafeon: AllieCat Cosplay

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