Beach McCree Cosplay Is Ready To Save Lives

Cosplay by Leon Chiro

If you still can’t decide whether McCree’s Summer Games beach skin is hot or not, cosplayer Leon Chiro is here to help.

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Overwatch Fans Can’t Decide If McCree Is Hot Or Not

Terrible news, everyone: professional doof McCree, a fake cowboy who can’t even quote a more famous …

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Cosplay by Leon Chiro

Chiro, who does everything from stunt work to acrobatics, was recently in the Caribbean dressed in the Overwatch cowboy’s weirdest outfit.

Cosplay by Leon Chiro

If you’re wondering why the trees are all blowing backwards while the beach itself looks calm, that’s because Leon was in Santo Domingo at the time, and Hurricane Maria had blown through only six hours earlier.

Cosplay by Leon Chiro

Cosplay by Leon Chiro

Cosplay by Leon Chiro

Cosplay by Leon Chiro

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