Cosplay Makes This The Best Graduation Ceremony in Japan

Kyoto University is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. And it has a delightful graduation tradition: Cosplay.

For years now (save for a brief period when it was banned), students have dressed up in amusing cosplay while they receive their degrees. In Japan, students graduate in the spring, and this month, new grads came out, costumes and all, in full force.

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College Cosplay Tradition Banned

Year after year, new graduates of prestigious Kyoto University eschew the traditional suit or…

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Granted, not everyone dresses up in silly outfits! Many grads wore the traditional dark suits or, if they are female, a kimono.



Let’s have a look at some of this year’s cosplay.

[Photo: NaCO3Abe]

This student is dressed up as bear character Kumamon. [Photo: xrdsj273]

[Photo: OMI_24_MI]

Most costumes seem okay—save for the ones that might block other students’ views. [Photo: withsoysauce]

[Photo: QuantumAtsuo Salmon]

Those aren’t allowed. [Photo: praymay3]

The sign congratulates everyone on their graduation. [Photo: QuantumAtsuo]

Goodness. [Photo: bateijin]

Ditto. [Photo: KYOTO_SENSE 1]

[Photo: yokkomine]

[Photo: sorayama_asobi]

[Photos: K6kippy04 2]

[Photo: Magnemite1723]

[Photo: yakutsushima]

[Photo: bateijin]

[Photo: K6kippy04]



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