Cosplay Overruns the Streets of Osaka

Over the weekend, Osaka’s geek district of Nipponbashi was closed to cars, with the main drag turned into a giant gathering of cosplayers, photographers, and fans.

March 21 was the 11th annual Nipponbashi Street Festa, and some of the photos don’t give a very good idea of just how crowded the day gets.


For example, you might be able to see there are lots of people in these photos.

[Photo: araiyukoyan2]

[Photo: Doico_S]

[Photo: tomokingA1]

[Photo: Naokit13]



But when you get an aerial view, damn…

[Photos: kotone_tan]

Have a look at some of the standout cosplayers.

[Photo: sara_orz]

[Photo: camelstation]

[Photo: minamozuki]

[Photo: rank742]

[Photo: soundwave0628]

[Photo: jontei1616]

[Photo: pom_pom_pee]

[Photo: k_muneatsu]

[Photo: akiracos]

[Photo: biscotti716]

[Photo: ttm_tdh]

[Photo: RaikAMR]

[Photo: orzpanther]

[Photo: tinbaku]

[Photo: inooee]

[Photo: k_muneatsu]

[Photo: 00_yaduki]

[Photo: tttks]

[Photo: nelonoir]

[Photo: k_muneatsu]

[Photo: tomotomo1995070]

[Photo: kyon128]



Top photo: asupara0420

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