Day-One Overwatch Cosplay At Blizzcon


Yesterday afternoon, during the Blizzcon 2014 opening ceremonies, Blizzard announced Overwatch, a character-driven competitive first-person shooter. At the show’s costume contest few hours later,the first two Overwatch cosplayers appeared.

First up is Rachel Day as Widowmaker, the emotionless assassin of the Overwatch cast. Here’s what the character looks like:


And here is Rachel’s spot-on interpretation of the character:

If you’re thinking the costume is too accurate to be a rushed fan creation, you’re thinking correctly. Rachel Day is a technical artist with Blizzard as well as a cosplayer, so she had a bit of head start.



Preceding Rachel to the stage was Val as Overwatch‘s healer, Mercy. Here’s the character:


And here’s the costume:

While I could imagine those wings being re-purposed from an existing costume, the accuracy of the colors on the body suit beneath suggests another case of early warning.



With its striking cast of unique characters, expect dozens more characters from Overwatch to pop up by the time next year’s show rolls around.

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