Hi. It’s Time For Cool Cosplay Photos.

We’ve showcased his work a few times here on Cosplay, but always as part of some other post, so it’s about time we gave kick-ass photographer York In A Box his own feature.

I love how all of his pics seem to pop, like the camera (and colour work) turns everyone into a highly-detailed action figure. Which, when you consider the source material of most cosplay outfits, is pretty much ideal.


Every shot below is obviously his, with cosplayer info included (where possible; if not, let me know!) below the pic.

You can see more of York’s work here.

By Deaththorn Cosplay.

By Light Return.

By Bennett.

By Gogo Incognito.

By Geek Regeneration.

By ThorTV and Loki Hates You.

By Andrew’s Cosplay.

By Hip Hop Trooper.


Unknown & Ashlynne Dae.

By Itty Bitty Geek.

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