How Cosplay Helped Save A Man’s Life

In 2011, just a week before Christmas, Jason Isenberg was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was 31 at the time.

Staring down years of illness, treatment, stress and medical bills, Jason and his wife Cheryl needed a release. They found it in cosplay.

Just two months earlier, the couple had attended their first Dragon Con, convinced to tag along by some friends. Floored by the volume and quality of the cosplay on show, once Jason had been diagnosed, Cheryl made a decision: she was going to make an outfit for the next Dragon Con, and once her husband had got back on his feet, they were going to cosplay together.

It gave both of them something to not only work with during some dark times, but also something to look forward to once things got better. Now, almost four years later, Jason has recovered, and the pair have made good on their word, teaming up to form the cosplay duo Pink Justice.

Congratulations, Jason, and best of luck to both of you for the future. May you have many long, happy years of cosplaying together ahead of you!

Photos by Ken AD, Victor Voyeur, Photosnxs, Spectacle Photo, Tiger Shot Productions & David Love.

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