Iron Man’s Best Friend Ultron, Chappie Cosplay and a Whole Lot of Halo

Somewhere in a What If reality, Tony Stark and the malevolent AI intent on destroying Earth in Avengers: Age of Ultron are just cool buds who sport impressive armor.

The Emerald City Comic-Con happened over the weekend, flooding Seattle with extremely good costuming and fan tributes. You’ll see a stoic lil’ Master Chief, Superior Spider-people and and a whole cast of Dragon Age characters in the cosplay gallery from the folks at Cosplay Boom.


Iron Man & Ultron by Doran Clan Creations and Vega Sailor Cosplay

405th Pacific Halo Costuming Group as various Halo characters

Chappie by Cam Dahl

Commander Shepard & Legion

Dragon Age Inquisition

Taylor Bennet, Aenne Shuman, Space Hamster Cosplay as Flemeth and Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition.

League of Legends‘ Annie

Lord of the Rings

Leonard Nimoy tribute

Sera by Dragon Slipper Tailoring

Spider-Man and Spider-Woman by Kasey Hendrickson and Nick Nims

Ryan Wells as a Bug from Starship Troopers

A Hunter from Destiny by Steven K Smith Props


Thranduil by CoreGeek Cosplay & Creations

Wedding Jack & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Dahlia Darling Cosplay

Wonder Woman by Katcakes Cosplay

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