League Of Legends Cosplayers Were Killing It This Weekend

Whenever you get thousands of fans together to watch a video game live, you can bet there are going to be cosplayers out in force, and this weekend’s LCS Summer Playoff Finals were no exception.

There were a ton of fans in costume at both events, in New York and Stockholm, and below are some of the best shots.

Note that all pics are courtesy of Riot’s official photographers; if you recognise or know any of the cosplayers involved, let me know so I can add a credit!

Sweetheart Annie by Amenoo Cosplay.

Gentleman Gnar by Patchwork Labs | Headmistress Fiora by Lumina-Ashelia Cosplay.

Lady Fortune by Ciwiel | Caitlyn by Tine Marie Riis | Star Guardian Lux by Amenoo Cosplay | Zed by Ileda Art & Cosplay | Ziggs by Laura Craft | Red Card Katarina by Simona Cosplay | Warring Kingdoms Nidalee by Paxby | Poro by Fluffie

Star Guardian Lux by Snackos.

Zed by Ileda Art & Cosplay

Karma by Laura Craft | Caitlyn by Tine Marie Riis

Akali by Misha Gomez.

By HerBrokenWings.

Ziggs by Laura Craft | Lady Fortune by Ciwiel.

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