Major Kusanagi, Reporting In…

Miss Sinister is one of the best cosplayers around. And you’re about to see why.

One of the coolest things about her cosplay is that she isn’t afraid to branch out and try characters that you wouldn’t expect. Cosplaying as Mary Jane Parker and Major Kusanagi, OK, that’s understandable, but Sagat? Vaas? Awesome.


You can see more of MS’ work at her Facebook page.

TOP IMAGE | Photographer: On Impulse Photography

SAGAT | Photographer: Laphotonet

VAAS | Photographer: On Impulse Photography

MARY JANE PARKER | Photographer: Kelsie Edison

JACK | Top: Midnight Armor

SCORPION | Photographer: Jason DeSomer Photography

TAKI | Photographer: On Impulse Photography

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