Perfect Mad Max Cosplay Is More Accurate Than The Actual Movie

Michelle Sleeper makes props and armour for cosplay projects. When she was introduced to Laura, a left arm transradial amputee, they got together to do something awesome.

(top pic by Norman Chan)


Having originally planned to build Laura a T-800 arm, so she could cosplay as “Arnie at Miles Dyson’s house”, when Mad Max was released earlier this year they scrapped that and started work on a Furiosa prosthetic instead.

Good call. I mean, saying this is “accurate” is selling it short, since the two-armed Charlize Theron’s version was a partly-digital creation.


The arm was 3D printed, and fitted perfectly to a cast mould of Laura’s left arm.

It made its debut at Dragon Con, and as you can see, it (and the rest of Laura’s outfit) turned out fantastic. You can read more about the build at this worklog.

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