Punk Sailor Moon Scouts Could Probably Kick Your Ass

Sailor Scouts are normally tough gals, what with the fighting evil by moonlight thing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be even more badass. Case in point: this wonderful punk Sailor Moon cosplay.

These pictures taken by Vivid Vision show a group of friends at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo—and yes, there are individual shots which let you take in more detail:

Sailor Mars

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Uranus

And in case you’re wondering who is who:



Sailor Moon: Noble Actions
Sailor Mars: Dara Defreitas Cosplay
Sailor Uranus: Creations by Caiti
Sailor Pluto: Xiandelle Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter: Ashley Fex
Sailor Mercury: Suzie Dempster
Sailor Venus: Amber M.
Mini Moon: Emi Wang
Sailor Neptune: Jennifer Wiens
Sailor Saturn: Krista MacPherson

Photography: Vicky Lau – Vivid Vision

(Via The Mary Sue)

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