Spider-Man Appeared on Japanese Television Tonight. Chaos Ensued.

This is Natsuki Okamoto. For years, she was a pin-up model. Now, she’s a commentator on a news program. You know, a talking head. And on the program, she wears outfits like this. I’m not kidding.

She must be the most outrageous fashion plate on Japanese television. If you’ve ever watched television in Japan, I’m sure you can agree: That’s saying something.


Okamoto often dresses as places she’s been to or things she’s recently seen. So, for example, after she saw The Lion King musical, she dressed as… The Lion King musical.

Keep in mind, she appears once a week on current events show 5ji ni Muchuu! (5時に夢中!) or “In a Daze at Five O’Clock.”



Her bit isn’t simply wearing a funny outfit on the show. She appears on the program and talks about current events—world politics, domestic politics, entertainment, sports, etc.—with the other celebrity guests, who are decked out in normal clothes. She is not an anchorwoman or a news reporter.

Earlier today, she wore this:

Sometime last spring, the 48 year-old totally reinvented herself by pretty much saying, eh, screw it. Before, she looked like this, usually (the photo is from 2011):

There were those online who wondered if her radical change was caused by something. Okamoto did lots of volunteer work for the Japanese earthquake victims, but I’m not entirely convinced that’s directly related. Maybe she just wanted a change or was sick of her pin-up girl image.

Okamoto had her head shaved on national television so it would be easier for her to don wigs. As GetNews quoted her saying, she knew that having a shaved head also had associations with illnesses, but she was doing it “for fashion.” She wanted to experience something new.

Since then, her outfits have become increasingly… interesting.

Note: The Hot Dog costume was worn on Christmas Eve.


Okamoto does seem to be enjoying herself and is definitely winning over new fans, such as these cosplayers below:

“For Okamoto, it’s Halloween year round,” wrote one internet user, while other chimed in how interesting she is.

Ladies and gents, Natsuki Okamoto.



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