The Best Cosplay From Katsucon 2015

Katsucon, a big anime con held every year in Maryland, went down over the weekend, and as one of the first big shows for the year it’s only right we take a look a good look at it here on Cosplay.

Photographer Mike Kowalek was there to take some shots, and he was kind enough to share some of his work with us. You can see more of his pics at his site.


Oh, and if you know anyone in these shots (or recognise yourself!), email me with your name and FB/DA link and I’ll add it to the credits!

Hawke: Jillian Ryan

Snow White: Rachni Queen \ Prince Ferdinand: Legacy

Edea: Vivi Cakes

War Machine: Rancid Props

Princess Mononoke: iishke

Ryuko: Quantum Destiny

FFXIV Dragoon: Layton Props

Skull Kid: Zerggiee Cosplay

Princess Daisy: Candyheart \ Princess Peach: Jazzy

Zero Suit Samus: Keren Lin

Kiki: Oki-Cospi

Predators: Knightmage / MewPuff And MiniPuff

Loki: Silhouette & Eldritch Arts

Sub-Zero: Hilton George

Tharja: Purblind

Beat: Derpcaro

Anna & Elsa: Yuurisans Cosplay

Black Widow: Ryan Rodgers

Cloud Strife: Kelsey Speakman

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