The Best Cosplay Of 2015

2014 was a big year in cosplay. 2015? Even bigger.

From cons to private photoshoots to kids screwing around with junk and a sewing machine, cosplay has continued to explode in popularity across the globe. And the more people who take up the artform, the more amazing outfits we get.


The images below, though, are of the ones I thought were the very best. While some of these shots are from cosplay superstars, others are from relative unknowns, showing that when it comes to cosplay a good idea and some hard graft can go as far as a workshop and professional gear.

If there’s someone you think I missed, let me know below!


And in the meantime, to celebrate the first full year of our cosplay site’s operation, here are some of the best actual cosplay stories we wrote in 2015:

Titanfall, by CpCody.

Metal Gear Solid V, by Angela Bermudez. Photo by Adrián Coto, make-up by Sagot Body Paint.

Metroid, by d-slim. Photo by Andrew Mori.

Dragon Age by HydraEvil, photo by D.Eugen.

Skyrim, by Ewenae.

Wonder Woman, by Meagan Marie. Photo by Anna Fischer.

Batman, by Julian Checkley. Photo by Kamil Krawczak.

Joker by Jesse Oliva, photo by York in a Box.

Arkham Knight, by Crimson Coscrafts. Photo by Lucas Ambrosio.

The Witcher 3, by Ladee Danger. Photo by Dave Yang.

Destiny, by Laura Sánchez. Photo by JLMfotografo.


Metal Gear Solid, by Masazi.

Business Fish, by Rundaria, photo by Shazzsteel Photography.

Borderlands, by Mary & Feinobi cosplay. Photo by So Say We All.

Mass Effect, by Anna Ormeli. Photo by Eduard Satanovskiy.

The Hobbit, by TheldeaFix. Photo by Pugoffka-sama.

Hulk Buster Iron Man, by Extreme Costumes.

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