The Coolest Cosplay at PAX Prime, Day 4

How much League of Legends cosplay was there at PAX Prime? A lot. For example, there’s a person in that cat costume.

Lots of fans paid homage to Riot’s online phenomenon by dressing up as LoL characters at Penny Arcade’s annual fan gathering in Seattle. These pics come from documentary series/social network Cosplay Boom and all photos and stills were taken by Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler.) You can see previous round-ups of PAX Prime cosplay here, here and here.

LovelySkylark as Blade Queen Lissandra from League of Legends

Sky and Michelle Corbelly as Siris and Isa from Infinity Blade 3

Glen Macdonald as Leona from League of Legends

Kiara Boggs as Lux from League of Legends

Master Yi from League of Legends

Puppichu Cosplay as Nidalee from League of Legends

HeartLockett Cosplay as Tibbers from League of Legends

Trundle from League of Legends

Warhammer 40,000 soldier

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