The Coolest Cosplay I Saw at New York Comic-Con

Hey, Batman: spoilers!

New York’s biggest nerd culture gathering has been in full swing for a few days now, bringing with it hundreds of thousands of fans eager to soak all the comics, TV, games and geekery they can handle. And there’s been a bunch of great cosplay, too.


What follows is a collection of photos of the funniest, most clever costume work I saw in my two days at the show. Most of these were shot on the run in a very crowded show, so I couldn’t get the names of the cosplayers. If you’re one of the people pictured or know them, drop me a line at and I’ll add credit in a later update.

Melanie Youberg

Juan Leche

Gustavo Rojas on the left, Jeffrey Gonzalez in the middle, and Harold Truong on the right.

Paul and Silvia Cruz

Arista Jusuf as Silk

Terron F. Beckham as Jax

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