The New Godzilla Movie Will (Sadly) Not Look Like This

Mike K runs eleventhphotograph, a cosplay photography studio. He was most recently snapping pics at Katsucon last month, and those pics were great.

You can see a selection of them below, with a lot more at Mike’s site.


Living in Canada, Mike works in TV as a producer and is a freelance photographer in his spare time. He speaks three languages, plays a ton of games and has a crazy half-white beard.

He’s available for photoshoots, with prices starting at $40 per session.


Note: these are con floor shots, so we’re not sure about who’s who in these images. If you spot yourself, or see someone you recognise, let us know and we’ll add a credit!


UPDATE – OK, so Mike took some notes! Here’s what he’s got in terms of who these cosplayers are:

Photo 1: Uncertain about model, but cosplay is original

P2: Cordelia by CrystalPanda

P3: Princess Mononoke by Unknown

P4: Spirit of the Forest (from Princes Mononoke) by unknown

P5: Attack on Titan Group

P6: Frozen (Disney movie) by Yurrisans…

P7: A alternate version of Riku from Final Fantasy

P8: “No more Heros” by Zacloudseth… and Byndo Gehk

P9: From Alice in Wonderland

P10: From WoW I believe

P11: Disney villains, one on right is SunsetDragon…

UPDATE 2 – OK, we’ve got the Mononoke cosplayers! It’s the Whovian sisters (Akela and Elizabeth).



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