This Year’s Most Memorable Anime Figure Gets an Unforgettable Cosplay

Did you forget that new Hunter x Hunter Gon figurine? Doubt it!

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An Anime Figure You Will Never Forget

There are lots of anime figures. Truth be told, many of them simply are not that memorable. This…

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Courtesy of Twitter user Chu Chu Retorto comes this Hunter x Hunter Gon cosplay that brings that now iconic figure to life.

Of course, that sculpture brings the manga to life, making this all incredibly meta. Too meta!

The Gon cosplay appeared at the Sendai Comike, a manga, anime, and cosplay event in Miyagi Prefecture.

きなこしゃん! [chu_chu_retorto]



仙コミにてゴンさんとお会いしました [chu_chu_retorto]

あぁ…( ˘ω˘ ) [chu_chu_retorto]

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