When Cosplay Hits The Catwalk

We’re used to seeing cosplayers at stuff like conventions and gaming shows, but strutting the catwalk alongside models and designers?

That’s exactly what happened last week, though, when Vicky Lau, aka Vivid Vision (and some friends) were invited to show their stuff as part of Western Canada Fashion Week.


Lau designed and made all the costumes on show, as well as modelling some of them herself (she’s been featured on Kotaku previously). Some are straight cosplay, while others—like the Battle Suit Anna—are more original creations.

Here’s the full list of credits for everyone involved in the project:



Designer and costume maker: Vivid Vision
Photographers: Benjamin Sim Photography, William Tan’s Photography
Videographer: Camtography, William Tan, Jenny Lau
Video Editor: Kim Nguyen
Costume Assistants: Jenny Lau, Danena Ehleus Masters, Kathleen Wright

Asuka: Kristicles Art & Cosplay
Battle Bunny Riven: Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay
Battle Princess Anna: DepthCharge Cosplay
Christmas Riven: Merytmut Cosplay
Heart Seeker Janna: Vivid Vision
Saber Nero: Yousei Cosplay
Star Lux Guardian: Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay

— with Chantel Haney, Kat Grant, Vicky Lau, Gladzy Kei, Kristy NP Provost, Caroline Dawe, Howard Cameron, Benjamin Sim,Jenny Lau, Riah Fielding-Walters, William Tan and Danena Ehleus Masters.

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